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If you need a story, research or multimedia content from Poland, no matter if it is Warsaw or a small village in the mountains, let us know. With our team of experienced researchers and journalists we can help you to cover your stories in the most professional and in-depth way. We can also work on cross-border stories with our partners from Visegrad Region (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) through our VSquare network.

We have ideas for stories and speakers, we know the language, we are already on the spot and we can help reporters save time and money when working on a story. We know how to check and verify information on local issues or how to get to people who know more about the case. We can work with you during the research phase, as well as while producing the stories.

Some examples of Reporters Foundation services:

  • in-depth field and database research
  • access to public documents
  • organization and conducting interviews
  • translations
  • production and video editing

Fixer knows the language, as well as the specific area and circumstances. Thanks to his or her experience, a fixer can play the key role in the world of journalism.